ZimplicIT - IT consultant in Täby

Sometimes the easy way is the better. The equipment you already have with some modifications can be adapted with ease to become the support the organisation need. ZimplicIT always starts from a minimum of resources, many systems are free and many existing systems can be modified. If not the easiest solution solves the problemZimplicIT offers tailored solutions for stationary use, intranet or the Internet. ZimplicIT is an IT consultant in Täby.

Does your company need a site with little or much interaction with customers? Perhaps a booking system, closed customer area, presentation of aggregated data from your other systems via API or other sources, online store, newsletter, billing and article directory, all with easy publishing and access, something that attracts? Drupal, PHP and MySQL are great tools for the Web. Excel or OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet, are powerful tools, as with VBA programming can act as a small business. In addition, there is a plethora of free software available that can suit both small and large companies, only one has the time to look ...

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IT consultant with focus on web development of Content Management Systems (CMS) in PHP, MySQL and Drupal, but also C#, Visual Basic and VBA.