A selection of projects and web based systems I have developed mostly by my self

A system for monitoring online backup. Handles both the API servers and parsing emailed reports, case management and statistics.
Zimonitor Ahsay backup monitoring tool

A system to control the flow around Zimonitor, from signup to deployed Instance, CRM, montoring of the cloud and the activation servers in real time.

Manage all clients and their projects, products, activities, time estimation, time reporting and manage teams.

A CRM to manage contact with the site owners and automatically keep track of the links if they are still published, and via SEOmoz API retrieve key values ​​for sites.

A news and press release site for business. Offering companies a newsroom to publish press releases and other news.

A system to manage content distribution in large scale. Assignments can be emailed to different projects, tasks is allocated to operators in a controlled workflow. It supports operators to optimize, link on the right keywords and publish content in project channels manually or via the API to channels that provides it.

A web-based management tool specially designed for labor market programs in municipal operations. Manages personal, finance, contributions, salary, financier, job bank, statistics, metrics, decisions.

Change detection is webbased system prestenting changes from other webservices with prices and spaces for a travel agency that needs to detect changes to adjust their own websites.