Forum block - Creates two blocks, forum containers and first sub forum and one block with forum containers

This module creates two blocks with listings from current forum installation.

  1. Forumblock: List of top 2 forum. This block is meant to be on the front page and is suitable for the content region. It list current forum containers and the first level sub forum beneath and on the same row the latest forum topic, author and "published time ago"-time.
  2. Forumblock: List top of main forum. This block is meant for sidebars and lists all current forum containers.

Easy to use, just install and make the block visible.

Forum block module 6.3
This version has an administration settings page where you can set an vocabulary/taxonomy for your profile and the users selected term will show up at users posts. This version has a Advanved forum style called "forumblock" that has to be selected to display the terms.