Add a datepicker programmatically with jquery_ui

This is some idea on how you can add a datepicker programmatically with the jquery_ui module. This code is not working as it is, its just some code I have cut out from my code. You have to match the form id in the jquery script as the drupal form creates. Look for edit-from, edit-to, edit-month in the script. I have here two alternative jquery scripts. And you find more scripts at the link to below.



CVS add script

Script to add a tree to CVS recursive.
You do have to write your password to each file.




pushd "$dir" > /dev/null

  echo -n "adding files in "

  cvs add *

  for subdir in `ls -dp * | egrep "/$" | egrep -v "CVS"`
    "$0" "$subdir"

popd > /dev/null