Code for creating path alias token

* Implementation of hook_token_list().
function gmapnode_token_list(
$type = 'all') {
if($type == 'taxonomy' || $type == 'all') {
$tokens['taxonomy']['catpath-raw-not-self'] = t('As [cat-raw], but including its supercategories separated by /. NOT INCLUDING ITSELF! WARNING - raw user input.');
return $tokens;
elseif($type == 'node') {
$tokens['node']['termfirst-leaf-catpath-raw'] = t('Unfiltered path of the first leaf term.

Add bulk generate URL alias via pathauto function

If you have access to your own module you can add a hook_cron function with the following code. On each cron it will execute the bulk generation for nodes

function feed_control_cron(){
//If you want to change the number of nodes to change
variable_set('pathauto_max_bulk_update', 1000);
//include the .inc files of pathauto

//Executes the generation of URL aliases for nodes

Other solutions:

A way of hook Drupal pathauto

This is a way, not very nice though, to hook pathauto. It is called when someone view or save the settings of URL alias at admin/build/path/pathauto. The module_invoke_all() is called in the function pathauto_admin_settings(), so this function has to be named "..._pathauto". This is not a ready to use script, even if I have used it on a production site.