How to handle heavy calculations in the background in Drupal

Say you have a data warehouse or data mart in your Drupal installation and you have to make a quite heavy calculation on a node save, but you don't want the users to wait for too long. Then you have to add the process to the background.

One way of doing it is to set a flag and have a function called by hook_cron doing the job. But you might not want to wait for cron to run and you don't want to hammer the site with cron.

Day planner block

This module creates a block with a day and hour calculator. It's not that generic, I have created it to match another project management tool I'm developing so the code contains some if module exists conditions but still can be useful if you need to calculate how many days there are between two dates or from one date if you add a certain amount of hours, and you don't want to calculate with Saturday and Sunday, so only working days will be counted.

Drupal module order

List your sites activated modules.

SELECT `name` , `status` , `weight` FROM `system` WHERE `type` = 'module' AND `status` =1 ORDER BY weight ASC LIMIT 0 , 200

Compare your sites activated modules with an other sites modules list in the same database.

Contact modules

Contact Form On Node
Kräver att avsändare är inloggad och fyller i mottagare och avsändare, vilket inte går att ändra. Kan styras per nodetyp och länk eller formulär i teaser eller fullview.

Advanced Contact
Inte så advanced,

Author Contact
Skapar ett block som sedan får styras via block-kontrollen
verkar vara ett och samma formulär

Contact Forms
Creates individual contact pages from contact form categories.
Men kan inte fylla på mer text innan eller kring formuläret.
praktiskt vid personkontakt.

Enables the creation of forms and questionnaires.