Linux commands - Bash scripts

#! "Hash-Bang" or "She-Bang" is a convention so the *nix (Unix/Linux) shell knows what kind of interpreter to run. Seems not to be needed if you not referring to another interpreter like python "#!/bin/python"

cd /some_path
php some_file.php
php another_file.php >> some_results.log

#in cron/crontab
10 0 * * * /scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1

#on command line
cd /scripts

SCP Secure Copy

Upload file to another server with secure copy SCP

scp /home/httpd/xyz/my_mod/my_mod.module  orjan@

Or if you want to copy an entire folder structure with sub folders.

scp -r /var/www/mysource/* root@123.456.789.123:/var/www/mydestination

Remember to check the file permission afterwards in the destination folder