How to install Zend studio 5 on Windows 7

1. Download and install the latest JRE for Windows:
2. Download and install WinRAR: (be sure to install with Explorer shell extension).
3. Downloaded Zend Studio 5.5.1
4. Right-click the Zend Studio install file and choose WinRAR > Extract Here.
5. Go into the folder Windows\resource (the newly-created Windows folder, NOT your system Windows folder).
6. Rename the "jre" folder to "jre backup".

Drupal filesystem permissions

Here are the basic permissions of an Drupal 6.x installation, after you have let Drupal write to your settings file. During the installation you have to have the permissions set to 755 to let Drupal write to the settings.php file. An easy way to check if your site is secure is to go to the status page (admin/reports/status).