Updating on Drupal 6 multi sites using Drush 5

Short notes on how to use Drush 5 to deploy on a Drupal 6 multi site.
First change directory to the root of your Drupal multi site ($ CD /var/www/mysite/)
The setting --yes will force the command.
The setting @sites will make the Drush command to affect all the sites including the main database/site

Check you are affecting the desired sites
     drush status

Set all sites in maintainance mode
     drush vset --exact --yes maintenance_mode 1

Upload files to sites/all/modules/
Upload files to sites/all/themes/

Update all databases
     drush @sites --yes updatedb

Revert all enabled Features modules (revert = use the code in the module to override changes made in datbase)
     drush @sites --yes features-revert-all

Enable all sites from maintainance mode
     drush vset --exact --yes maintenance_mode 0

Clear all caches  (all but cache_form)
     drush @sites --yes cc all
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