How to customiz a block in a region

This code is useful when you want to customize a block, as in this case wrap a transparent image link around a flash object in a specific region to get a flash object to become a link.

Add this code in your themes template.tpl.php and paste the flash object code in a new block and publish it the my_region.

 * Override or insert variables into the block templates.
 * @param $vars
 *   An array of variables to pass to the theme template.
 * @param $hook
 *   The name of the template being rendered ("block" in this case.)
function zen_preprocess_block(&$vars, $hook) {

$vars['block']->region == "my_region"){
$link_url = variable_get('flash_link_url', 'my_link');
$style_img = 'style="z-index: 1;
                   position: absolute;
                   left: 0pt;
                   top: 0pt;
                   height: 200px;
                   width: 690px;"'

$style_flash = 'style="z-index: 0;
                     position: absolute;
                     left: 0pt;
                     top: 0pt;"'
$transparent_link = '<div '.$style_img.'>
                          <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="'
                          <img '
.$style_img.' src="flash_banner_transparens.png" alt=""/>
                          <div '

$transparent_link_end = '</div>';

$vars['block']->content = $transparent_link . $vars['block']->content . $transparent_link_end;


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